Home Automation System Architecture

“Gentlemen, I am now about to send a signal from this laptop through our local ISP, racing down fibre-optic cable at the speed of light to San Francisco, bouncing off a satellite in geosynchronous orbit to Lisbon, Portugal, where the data packets will be handed off to submerged transatlantic cables terminating in Halifax, Nova-Scotia, and […]

Authorisation in .NET with C# and WCF.

“You are unwise to lower your defenses.” – Darth Vader. In an earlier post, we looked at programmatically creating WCF services in C#. These services could be secured with, for example, Windows authentication or Basic authentication. That’s great, with this we would know that the system knew the identity of the caller. However, we also […]

Using the AutoResetEvent class to wake multiple threads in C#.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Obi Wan.” – Darth Vader. One of the big differences between a ManualResetEvent and an AutoResetEvent (WaitHandles) in the .NET Framework is that a ManualResetEvent can wake up multiple waiting threads, whilst an AutoResetEvent can only wake up one of the waiting threads. When set/triggered, the ManualResetEvent stays in that state […]