Azure Red Hat OpenShift ARO Storage

When you deploy an Azure Red Hat OpenShift ARO cluster to your Azure instance, a default storage class is created for Azure Disk Premium SSD. ARO is able to consume Azure storage using built-in provisioners. The example below specifies the use of premium Azure Disk with local redundancy. The Kubernetes documentation includes parameter information for […]

Azure Red Hat OpenShift ARO Integration

The recently released Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO) offering from Microsoft and Red Hat provides a managed OpenShift deployment on Microsoft’s Azure cloud. The integrations of ARO into the rest of the Azure ecosystem work in a manner very similar to that of Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), which makes sense given they are both Kubernetes […]

Actron Neo and Home Assistant

“I know why you’re here, Neo” – Trinity. It looks like Actron have brought out another air conditioner control system – the Neo. It seems to be similar to the Que, although owning neither – I’m not entirely sure. The API definition certainly looks similar between them – similar, not identical. I’ve started adapting the […]

Testing Instana for APM

I’ve recently started looking at Instana, who make an Enterprise Observability Platform for APM, Web Site, Cloud & Infrastructure, and Microservices monitoring. This is something that’s been of interest to me for quite a while being a developer. In every conversation I have regarding monitoring, it’s always been about instrumentation – making sure the right […]

Ducati SuperSport Front USB Power

I’ve finally been able to start using a mobile phone mount on the clip-ons on my Ducati SuperSport S. It’s a 2018 build of the 2017+ model. I had an issue for a while with my iPhone 11 (or apparently any phone with optical image stabilisation), where the vibration from the handlebars would break the […]

Bearer Authentication Token Monitor in C#

Leonard: At least I didn’t have to invent 26 dimensions just to make the math come out.Sheldon: I didn’t invent them, they are there!Leonard: In what universe?Sheldon: In all of them, that’s the point. Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter I always liked that exchange in the Big Bang Theory. Still a great show. Anyway. There’s been […]