About Mike

ThuyandMichael-27thFeb2021-33I’m a self-confessed geek that’s been working in the Information Technology industry for the last 20 years. I’m an IT architect and inventor by day, and a developer/geek by night. I normally live in Sydney, Australia, where I work as a Distinguished Engineer for a large company that started by making Computing, Tabulating and Recording equipment back in 1911 (IBM). I do a lot of coding, mainly in C/C++ for Windows/Linux, but often in C#, Scripting Languages, Java and Assembly and have expertise in many networking, security, platform and application areas.

My current focus areas are hybrid cloud management; the role of a service integrator; and IoT development & security. However, I tend to get pulled into a lot of Active Directory and DNS issues as well due to a long history with those technologies.

It occurred to me that often these days the solutions to problems I’ve encountered is guided by the thoughts that I find not in manuals, but in blogs from other like minded people. Hopefully I’m able to post something here that fills in that last missing piece of information that helps guide someone to a solution. This should be more helpful than my standard response when asked for a solution – ‘what business problem are we trying to solve here?’

As a result, I started this blog in the hope that some of the posts will be useful to someone somewhere trying to solve a problem.

Twitter @MikeJMcGuire

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