Public Cloud Infrastructure – Commodity Compute Platforms

Private cloud platforms provide a controlled and standardised environment for hosting traditional workload, but without many of the advantages of a public cloud platform. Public cloud platforms are designed to provide cheap commodity infrastructure – often built upon customised white-box hardware designed specifically for the needs of the public cloud provider, in a manner that […]

Private Cloud Infrastructure – Traditional Workload Hosting

The prevalence of external cloud services used within an organisation, coupled with the increasing complexity of traditional infrastructure often act as the catalyst towards the adoption of private cloud. Private cloud provides some of the benefits of cloud whilst enabling IT simplification through standardised application deployment, without exposing private data externally. In the creation of […]

Software-as-a-Service – Pre-built Consumable Capability

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provides significant pre-built capability that can generally be consumed with extreme speed. SaaS services combined with rapid sourcing and service management integration allow the business to integrate additional capability with a significant reduction in in-house development. Business units can typically experiment with cloud SaaS services quickly in order to find the right fit […]

Traditional IT – Customised and Complex

Traditional IT infrastructure generally comprises a range of technologies and platforms with minimal standardisation – although the level of standardisation varies heavily between organisations. This infrastructure will use a combination of virtual and physical hosting platforms, supporting long-life traditional infrastructure with allocation-based pricing and the slow adoption of new technologies. Traditional IT is often completely […]

An Enterprise Cloud Journey

I wrote a point of view paper for one of my customers about the journeys various organisations take and have taken with regard to cloud. I’m always very clear that its an ongoing journey – cloud is not a destination, but rather an enabler of transformation. The lens on this point of view was that […]

Recent blog posts on Thoughts on Cloud.

I’ve recently started writing some blog entries on one of my other favourite topics, cloud computing. I’m particularly interested in the service management and process aspects. Two of my most recent posts are: Why CMDBs are still relevant in a cloud world Choosing between managed and unmanaged IaaS You can find more here. ~ Mike