Reinstalling the Fork Stem RAM Mount on the H2!

“So what do you think, Howard? It’s not that bad, right?” – Sheldon Cooper
“A little electrical tape, some solder … Are you insane? I’ve seen space probes that crashed into the desert that were in better shape than this.” – Howard Wolowitz

When I picked up my Ninja H2 SX SE, I also purchased the Fork Stem RAM mount. I’m in Australia so I ordered it through Camzilla. I use this mount to hold either my iPhone, my GPS or my GoPro. Overall, the RAM mounts are good quality – I’ve used them on several different bikes now.

However, I was having some difficulty with the fork stem mount. The instructions were quite clear, but due to the way the rubber compresses when you tighten the bolt, the rubber would overflow out of fork stem, creating a 1-2mm gap between the top of the fork stem and the washer on the mount. As you can see in the picture below, as the bolt is tightened at the top, it pulls on a captive nut that compresses the rubber, expanding into the fork stem.


With continued riding over bumpy roads, I’d see quite a bit of movement in the top of the mount due to the 1-2mm of rubber sticking out the top of the fork stem. This over time would result in the mount creeping out of the fork stem ever so slightly. Whilst I doubt it would have fallen out, the bouncing around worried me enough to be constantly checking on it – not to mention the impact on the GoPro having the mount moving underneath it.

I pulled the mount out, and added some more washers at the top that were of a diameter narrower than the fork stem (so that they’d fit inside the fork stem). The picture below shows the modified version.


With that change, I put the mount back into the fork stem and tightened the bolt. Now the mount’s larger washer is completely flush against the top of the fork stem, and has zero movement during the use of the bike. The camera is more stable, and I’m no longer worried about my phone mount flying off while I engage in spirited road riding.

~ Mike

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