Azure Red Hat OpenShift ARO Storage

This is part of a series of posts about Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO).

When you deploy an Azure Red Hat OpenShift ARO cluster to your Azure instance, a default storage class is created for Azure Disk Premium SSD. ARO is able to consume Azure storage using built-in provisioners. The example below specifies the use of premium Azure Disk with local redundancy. The Kubernetes documentation includes parameter information for controlling how the Azure resource is provisioned.

In the picture below, I’ve created a PVC using the above storage class. I linked the PVC to a deployment and due to the WaitForFirstConsumer setting, the disk was provisioned upon first start of the pods.

When the PVC was first bound, an Azure Disk resource was automatically created by the provisioner which you can see below. As per the storage class configuration, its a Premium SSD LRS. That disk resource will be automatically deleted when the PVC is no longer required (i.e. deleted) due to the Delete reclaimPolicy.

You can similarly use these storage resources for a managed storage offering like Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage (OCS).

~ Mike

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