Home Assistant Add-On for Blueriiot Blue Connect Plus

Since when is eggnog a Christmas drink? Eggs are available all year ’round. I’ve been known to enjoy this poolside.” – Sheldon Cooper.

Ever since I’ve had a Blueriiot Blue Connect Plus for my swimming pool, I’ve been pulling the data into Home Assistant. Originally it was with an IFTTT interface – but that has long since been discontinued. A friend put me onto a GitHub repository where someone had reverse engineered the API and could query the status directly. I’ve since been using that inside a container that ran along side my Home Assistant instance.

Today I finally got around to moving the code out into a standalone add-on, so that anyone with a Blue Connect Plus can extract the data into Home Assistant.

Installation requires an additional repository to be added to Home Assistant. The repository URL is: https://github.com/MikeJMcGuire/HASSAddons. From there, the installation is pretty straight forward. You simply specify your Blueriiot username and password, and your MQTT details; and then the add-on will do the rest. The rest means creating 5 entities in Home Assistant – temperature (C/F), Orp, Ph, Salinity, and updating them every 30 minutes. The entities are registered and updated via MQTT.

Update (12/09/2022): It appears some devices report conductivity instead of salinity (salt pools measure salinity instead), which has been causing the add-on to fail to update Home Assistant as it believed it was missing data. This has been fixed in the September release.

~ Mike

15 thoughts on “Home Assistant Add-On for Blueriiot Blue Connect Plus

  1. Hi Mike
    Thanks so much for this – it makes the BlueConnect worthwhile !
    Fantastic work as always (happy user of your Que container here)

  2. Nice to integrate but I get not information. Integration find my Blue connect but Qos is 0 always. I already have the entitities but no data on it.

    Any feedback or any problem on it?

    1. I could see that I have blue connect standard and not plus. Is this the reason?. I have premium suscription.

  3. When trying to add the repository to Homeassistant I ghet a warning message stating this is not a valid repository. I had the integration installed before but now it is gone and I can not add it again

  4. I’m trying to make this addon work but I get no data. The only thing that gets sent out is config at startup (to the topics ending in config) and then every 5 minutes I get a status-message to topic “hass-blueriiot/status”. The only information in this message is “online”. There is never any pool data (temp, pH, orp, salinity)being sent via MQTT.

    1. You could run the add-on as a container – you’d just need to copy the options.json file into a /data mount and make it available to the container. The options.json file is in the github repository for the add-on.

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