Azure Red Hat OpenShift ARO Monitoring and Logging

This is part of a series of posts about Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO).

Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO) like the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), can both use Azure Log Analytics Workspace and Azure Monitor for logging and monitoring purposes.

The enablement of the Log Analytics Workspace and Azure Monitor services though is configured through scripts at present, but the portal integration for the enablement of these features is improving regularly. The Microsoft documentation for ARO includes instructions for enabling these services here. It’s a simple script that you’d call after provisioning your cluster.

The screenshot below shows the Log Analytics Workspace in effect with a query executed to return stdout log information from one of the containers I was running in the ARO instance. This is the behavior you’d observe with AKS.

Azure Monitoring needs two different integrations configured, again, similar to AKS. The first integration is for the cluster itself – both AKS clusters and ARO clusters can be onboarded into Azure Monitor. AKS uses the portal to enable the integration, ARO on the other hand needs a helm chart loaded (pretty trivial) to enable that capability. I imagine that will be portal based in future, but at the time of writing this it was a separate helm chart. Both AKS and ARO need those additional components loaded to pull data out of the Kubernetes cluster.

The second part of the integration is in the workload itself – application performance monitoring generally relies upon the application exposing telemetry data which can be picked up by an APM tool. In this example, I’ve added the Azure Telemetry Insights into a .NET Core container based application. I then provided the Azure Monitor Application instrumentation key to the application, and sure enough the data started to flow to Azure Monitor.

The good news is that with the Azure Log Analytics Workspace and Azure Monitor capabilities, you get a seamless experience across both AKS and ARO clusters.

~ Mike

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