All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

I love Lord of the Rings quotes… and Star Wars quotes… and The Big Bang Theory quotes.

Whilst I do like this particular quote, it did make me think about all of the help I’ve received from my good friend the Internet over the last many years. I decided it was time to finally start writing down some of the useful tips that I’ve found to the various issues we find ourselves presented with when working with computers.

It occurred to me that often these days the solutions to problems I’ve encountered is guided by the thoughts that I find not in manuals, but in blogs from other like minded people. Hopefully I’m able to post something here that fills in that last missing piece of information that helps guide someone to a solution. Hopefully this is more helpful than my standard response when asked for a solution – ‘what business problem are we trying to solve here?’

~ Mike

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