New Top Level Domains (TLDs) – Awesome.

“You don’t need to see his identification.” – Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi

It’s about time – the first set of new internet top level domains (TLDs) have been available for some time now with many more on the way. If you’re not aware, when the Domain Name Services (DNS) protocol was devised back in the 80s they created the initial set of TLDs which has scarcely changed since. These TLDs include .com (company), .net (network), .mil (military), .gov (government), .org (organisation), edu (educational establishment), and then the country specific TLDs like .au, .us (probably the least used TLD in existence), .uk etc. Then to make things interesting, places like the UK and NZ decided to break from tradition and use, and, instead of, and (like Crazy. Anyway, apparently forcing the majority of worldwide companies to find a unique name under .com has become a little difficult. After many debates over many years, they’ve finally decided to introduce new TLDs.

So now you can get domains like,,, OurCompanyHasLotsOf.experts, etc. Granted silly ones like that will no doubt be registered, it’s very handy if you missed out on the .com domain, that you can now seek the .company equivalent (what’s 4 more letters amongst friends…).

Seeing people using the TLD to form the end part of a sentence like that reminds me of the TV series Blackadder, in particular season 4. I just love this scene – Captain Blackadder is dictating a telegram.

Yes… take down a telegram, Bob. To Mr. Charlie Chaplin, Sennet Studios, Hollywood, California. Congrats STOP. Have found only person in world less funny than you STOP. Name Baldrick STOP. Signed E. Blackadder STOP. Oh, and put a P.S.: please, please, please STOP.


They will be introducing new TLDs in stages, much like a land release… There’s a very large list of them to come – you can have a look here.

~ Mike

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