Windows 10 on the Raspberry Pi 3!

“How’d you get ready so fast?” – Leonard Hofstadter.

The new Raspberry Pi 3 that I ordered arrived today. It was very exciting I can assure you.

Raspberry Pi 3

As soon as I put it together, well put the device in the case anyway,  I used the Windows 10 IoT image helper to place the latest Windows Insider build (build 14262) of Windows 10 IoT onto the SD card. The device booted up, and looked exactly the same as the Raspberry Pi 2 did with Windows 10 IoT. I imagine it probably started faster – the apps seems to run a little faster at least which is good news.

However, I was quite keen to try out the in-built Wi-Fi. Sadly though, it was not immediately apparent how to use this with the Windows 10 build. Given how quickly that build was updated for the Raspberry Pi 3, I’m imaging they didn’t get a chance to add the wireless driver – but I’m sure that won’t take long. At this point, the Windows device manager isn’t showing a wireless adapter, which is of course reflected as well on the networking configuration page.

Still – it was an extremely easy setup, and my speech recognition application, once deployed, worked quite happily on the new device.

Raspberry Pi 3

If you’re wondering why I have two microphones plugged in – that as they say is another story. I’ll write a post soon regarding the speech recognition engine on a Windows 10 Universal application – and what I needed to do to get it working – both on the original Windows 10 IoT build, and the November (I think it was) release.

~ Mike

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