Actron Neo and Home Assistant

“I know why you’re here, Neo” – Trinity.

It looks like Actron have brought out another air conditioner control system – the Neo. It seems to be similar to the Que, although owning neither – I’m not entirely sure. The API definition certainly looks similar between them – similar, not identical.

I’ve started adapting the Actron Que add-on that I wrote for Home Assistant, to support both the Que and Neo API. I should have a version ready for testing in the next few days. Like the development of the Que add-on, someone has kindly reached out and offered to do some testing for me.

Update (12/02): The Que add-on can now discover Neo devices. Given the API endpoint though is different between the Que and the Neo, I’ve needed to add another configuration option so that you can specify if your system is a Que or a Neo (it defaults to Que for backward compatibility). I’ve just uploaded the 0.21 version of the add-on which should be stable (and relatively unchanged) for Que, and in beta for Neo. The change for the Que (and Neo) is actually a faster update when you make a change. So now if you change a zone switch, or temperature etc, you should see that reflected in HA much faster.

The installation instructions are listed on the Actron Que page.

Let me know how you go!

~ Mike

3 thoughts on “Actron Neo and Home Assistant

  1. Hi, very helpful info. Thank you.

    Thinking about installing the NEO. Do you think it can work on HomeKit?

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